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Step-By-Step Guide:
How-To Use Every Booking App Feature

Trouble downloading the booking app? Don’t worry! 🙂

If you can’t figure it out by yourself, we’ll show you on day one after your induction. However, it’s best to download the booking app now, so that you’re organised in advance.

Before you come in for your induction, we want you to have the following three things completed.

1. Booking App Downloaded ✅

2. Headshot Photo Uploaded ✅

3. 12 Workouts (3 Per Week) Booked ✅

How-To: Use Our Timetable

Your induction on day one doesn’t count as one of your 3 workouts on your first week. Your first workout will be on a Tuesday (*Wednesday if your Induction takes place on a Tuesday after a Public Holiday Monday).

Step 1 – Download Booking App



In the unlikely chance that your phone is temporarily broken, you can visit our Website Booking Integration where you can book into your workouts without using a phone.

The booking app will guide you step-by-step through the download process. Here are the step-by-step instructions the booking app will guide you through.

1. Select: “App Store” App.
2. Search: “The Physique Consultants”.
3. Select: “Download”, i.e., the cloud with a downward arrow.
4. Select: “OPEN”.
5. Once you open the “The Physique Consultants” App, you’ll be prompted with the message:
”The Physique Consultants Would Like to Send You Notifications”.
Select “Allow”.
6. Click: “Don’t have an account? Register”. Make sure to only click the red “Register” text on the very bottom-right of your phone screen.
7. Enter: Email & Choose A Password.
Before typing your password, select “SHOW”. That way, you won’t make any mistakes in your password unknowingly. Passwords must include at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number, one special character & be more than 8 characters long.
8. Click: “Next”.
9. Enter: First Name & Last Name.
10. Click: “Next”.
11. Enter: Phone Number & Date Of Birth.
12. Click: “Next”.
13. Under “Would you like to be kept informed about upcoming events and promotions?” Check both boxes.
14. Click: “Next”.
15. Click: “Accept and register” Studio Waiver. (There’s no Studio Waiver in our booking app.)
16. Click: “Book your first class!”, then click “Try it now!”.
17. Click: “Timetable” tab and start booking your 12 workouts by swiping and selecting days on the calendar at the very top of your screen.

For the majority of new members, your induction will be on a Monday, so you can book your first workout now at either 6:45 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 10:15 a.m., 6:00 p.m., 6:45 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. on the Tuesday (or the day after your induction).

If you watch the other video on this page called How-To: Use Our Timetable, you’ll understand how to book all your 12 workouts in advance.

• The “Timetable” tab (bottom-left of screen) allows you to book new workouts.
• The “Bookings” tab (bottom-centre of screen) allows you to see what workouts you’ve booked previously.
• The “Memberships” tab (bottom-right of screen) can be ignored. You don’t need to use the Memberships tab. It will show “No memberships” on your account.

Step 2 – Upload Headshot Photo

You must upload a headshot photo of you to the booking app so the trainers know who you are. This headshot photo must be of how you’re going to look in the gym when you’re training, so that the trainers can recognise you. This means no hats, no sunglasses, no filters and no group photos. 🙂

It is extremely important that you don’t skip this step. When you book into your first workout, you’ll show up as a “First Time Booker” on the trainers’ end of the booking app. This ensures that the trainers are giving you more individual attention on your first day and over your first week to ensure that we get you up to speed on all the exercises.

Your headshot photo is only uploaded to our booking app. It isn’t shared online and it isn’t shared with any other members. You have the ability to change your photo from within the app at any time.

1. Open “The Physique Consultants” App.
2. Select the circular “Profile Icon” on the top-left corner of the screen.
2. Select the “Profile Edit Icon” on the top-right corner of the screen.
3. Select the “Camera Icon” on the top-left corner of the screen.
4. Take a new photo on your Camera by selecting “Take a photo”, or choose an existing photo in your Photo Library by selecting “Browse library”.
5. If you decide to select “Take a photo”, you will be prompted with the following message:
“‘The Physique Consultants’ Would Like to Access the Camera. The app requires access to your camera to take a picture for your profile.”
Select “OK”.
6. If you decide to select “Browse library”, you will be prompted with the following message:
“‘The Physique Consultants’ Would Like to Access Your Photos. The app requires access to your photo gallery to select a picture for your profile.”
Select “Allow Access to All Photos”.

Don’t worry, this is simply giving the TPC App access to your Camera and/or Photo Library, not the trainers. We can’t access your Camera or Photo Library.

7. Once a photo is selected, you will have the option to “Use This Photo” or “Use another”. When you select “Use This Photo”, your photo will be saved to the app.

Note: If you receive an error message when trying to upload your headshot photo, watch our Uploading Your Headshot Photo Troubleshooting Video on this page.

Step 2B – Troubleshooting If Your Headshot Photo Won’t Upload

1. If you select “Take a photo” and are prompted with the message ERROR Camera permissions not granted”, this means you need to allow The Physique Consultants App access to your Camera.
2. If you select “Browse library” and are prompted with the message ERROR Photo library permissions not granted”, this means you need to allow The Physique Consultants App access to your Photo Library.
3. To resolve both of these problems, or either of these problems, go to Settings > Scroll down to “The Physique Consultants” App > Select “Photos” > Select “All Photos”.
4. Then, select “< Back” on the top-left of your phone screen.
5. Then, select the Toggle On button to the right of “Camera”, switching it from grey to green.

You’ll now be able to take a photo with your Camera or choose a photo from your Photo Library when you back into The Physique Consultants App.

Note: If after completing the previous steps your photo still won’t upload, try retaking another selfie photo on your camera and uploading it into the The Physique Consultants App. This is because the image that you were previously trying to upload wasn’t in PNG / JPG format or wasn’t less than 1000 X 1000 pixels (1mb).

If the image is too large you will be prompted with this message:

“The image size cannot exceed 1mb.”

Step 3 – How-To: Enable Waitlist Notifications

It is important to enable waitlist notifications to ensure that you receive timely updates about any available spots that become available for the workout(s) you are waitlisted for.

📲 For iPhone users:
1. Select “Settings”.
2. Scroll down and select “The Physique Consultants” App.
3. Select “Notifications”. Please note that some of the notifications that I’m going to be walking you through, may already be turned on by default.
4. Toggle “Allow Notifications” on, switching it from grey to green.
5. Under “ALERTS”, check the circles blue under “Lock Screen”, “Notification Centre” and “Banners”.
6. Select “Banner Style” > “Persistent”.
7. Toggle “Sounds” on, switching it from grey to green.
8. Under “LOCK SCREEN APPEARANCE”, select “Show Previews” > “Always”.
9. Under “LOCK SCREEN APPEARANCE”, select “Notification Grouping” > “Automatic”.

1. Then, we want to go back to the Settings Home Screen by selecting “< Back” twice on the top-left of the screen.
2. Scroll up and select “Focus”.
3. Select “Do Not Disturb”.
4. Then, under “ALLOWED NOTIFICATIONS”, select “Apps”.
5. Under “Allowed Apps”, select “+ Add”.
6. Search for “The Physique Consultants” in the Search Bar.
7. Check the circle blue to the left of The Physique Consultants.
8. Select “Done”.

If you completed the previous steps above and are still not getting notified of any spots becoming available on any workout(s) that you are waitlisted for, please also ensure that you’re logged into your Apple ID.

🤖 For Android users:

Step 4 – Read Our Booking Policies

The booking app is extremely flexible. You can reserve workouts up to 12 weeks in advance, or simply book-in as-you-go on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis. You can book in or cancel a workout up to one minute before a workout occurs.

You can attend the gym for up to 12 visits over the 28-Day Challenge trial membership period. You have access to 3 bookings per week.

You must be booked into your training workout. If a member is not booked into a workout, it is at the trainer’s discretion to ask the member to wait until the next workout if the workout is fully booked.

4.1 How-To: Cancel A Workout

Here’s a handy video guide titled “How-To: Cancel A Workout”. Just follow the link below to give it a watch:

To complement the video, there’s also a step-by-step written guide on “How-To: Cancel A Workout” below.

And don’t worry, if you’ve had a go with both the video and the instructions and are still experiencing difficulty with cancelling a workout, just drop us an email. We’re here to assist you at the earliest opportunity.

Step 1: Navigate to “Bookings”
Firstly, look for the icon on the centre-bottom of your phone screen that looks like a clipboard with a check mark. This icon is labelled “Bookings”. Tap on it to proceed.

Step 2: Choose the Workout to Cancel
Once you’re in “Bookings”, find the workout session you’d like to cancel. Tap on that specific workout to select it.

Step 3: Click the “Cancel” Button
On the workout’s page, you’ll see a red button labelled “Cancel”. Tap this button to cancel your selected workout.

Step 4: Cancellation Confirmation
After tapping the “Cancel” button, a message reading “Booking Cancelled” will pop up on your screen. This serves as your confirmation that the workout has indeed been cancelled.

Step 5: Return to Timetable
Following the cancellation, you may want to book another workout session. To do so, tap on the black button labelled “Return to timetable”. This will allow you to view and book available workouts.

Additional Information
Remember, you can only cancel a workout if it hasn’t yet happened. Cancelling enables you to book a new workout session, provided there’s space available. Keep in mind, each member receives three workout credits every week.

We kindly request that you cancel your booked workouts as early as possible if you’re unable to attend. This way, other members on the waitlist can take your spot. These members will receive a notification and will be able to attend the workout you cancelled. Our expectation is for all members to honor their booked workouts by attending 100% of the time.

Step 5 – How-To: Use The Waitlist Feature For Booking Workouts

How to Book Your Workout Times Without Waitlisting

Simplify your workout booking process and avoid waitlists with this two-step guide.

Step 1: Book a 12-Week Provisional Schedule

• Set aside time to mark your calendar for the next 12 weeks.
• Categorise your workout times as:
“Planned Attendance”: Workouts you’re certain you’ll attend.
“Probable Attendance”: Workouts you plan to attend, but not certain.
“Past Routine-Based Attendance”: Workouts based on your past workout habits.

Example of Categorising Your Bookings
You need to book 36 workout sessions over 12 weeks. You could break them down like this:

• Book 20 workouts as “Planned Attendance”: You’re certain you’ll attend.
• Book 10 workouts as “Probable Attendance”: You plan to attend, but not certain.
• Book 6 workouts as “Past Routine-Based”: Based on your past workout habits.

Important to Remember
Framework for Thinking: The categories “Planned”, “Probable”, and “Past Routine” are just a method to help you organise your thoughts about your 12-week provisional schedule. They’re not booking options in the app.
• In the workout booking app, the workouts are labelled as PT Program 1, 2, or 3. These labels are different from the categories you’ve created for your planning.
• Remember, you cannot use the “Planned”, “Probable”, and “Past Routine” categories directly in the booking app. They are for your personal planning purposes only.

Step 2: Adjust As You Go (Flexible Booking Management)

1. Cancel Early: If your plans change, cancel as soon as possible.
2. Last-Minute Changes: You can change your booking up to a minute before it starts.
3. No Extra Fees: Cancelling a workout up until one minute before it starts doesn’t incur fees or lose credits.
4. Instant Credit Return: Cancel up to a minute before a booking to get your workout credit back.

2-Step Approach Benefits
• Ensures fair access to workout times for everyone, 12 weeks in advance.
• Helps you secure popular and peak workout slots before they fill up.

How-To: Add Yourself To A Waitlist
To join a workout waitlist, simply follow the same procedure as booking a workout. Please note that the waitlist for a workout can accommodate a maximum of 10 people at a time.

How-To: Receive Notifications For Available Spots
To ensure you receive notifications when a becomes available, make sure you’ve enabled push notifications for “The Physique Consultants” app by following the instructions in “Step 3 – How-To: Enable Waitlist Notifications“.

When a spot becomes available, all waitlisted members will receive a push notification simultaneously on their mobile devices, regardless of their queue position. The notification will contain information about the available spot, such as the PT Program number, date, and time.

Please keep in mind that the first member who clicks on the notification will secure the spot. Also, please keep in mind that email notifications are not available. Push notifications on your phone are the only notification method.

The push notification message will say:

“A slot is now available for PT Program # on Date at Time, hurry up and book!”

At What Time Do Spaces Become Available?
Spaces usually become available late in the evening or early in the morning because that’s when members are more likely to cancel or reschedule their workout times.

Can I Waitlist for Unlimited Workouts?
Yes, there are no restrictions on the number of waitlists you can add yourself to. By joining the waitlist for a fully-booked workout, your chances of securing a spot in that particular session increase.

However, it’s essential to bear in mind that being on the waitlist doesn’t guarantee a confirmed booking. To reserve a place, you need to wait for a cancellation, which will allow you to move from the waitlist to the confirmed bookings list.

It’s important to note that your spot in the workout isn’t confirmed until you’ve successfully moved from the waitlist to the confirmed bookings list. Even if you’re on the waitlist for multiple workouts, you’ll only be considered as having made a booking once you’re successfully booked in.

Therefore, while you can add yourself to the waitlist for as many workouts as you want, your ability to participate in each class is ultimately determined by chance. We recommend booking well in advance to secure your spot in each workout and avoid disappointment.

How-To: Switch To A New Booking By Cancelling Your Previous One
If you’ve already booked three workouts for the week, you won’t be able to schedule any more. To switch to a new booking, you must first cancel one of your existing ones. However, be aware that if someone else takes the spot you cancelled, you won’t be able to switch back to that workout.

To smoothly transition to a new booking, start by cancelling one of your previous bookings to free up a slot for the new workout. This step is only necessary if you are on the waitlist for a workout, as you must manually cancel your previous booking to make room for the new one.

Remember that once you cancel your previous booking, it will become available to others, and if someone takes it, you will not be able to switch back to that workout. So, make sure you really want to switch before cancelling your existing booking.

By following these guidelines, you can switch to a new booking without any scheduling limitations or restrictions. Take your time and think carefully before cancelling to ensure a seamless and successful transition.

Step 6 – Troubleshooting