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About TPC Women-Only Gym

What makes us different?

TPC Women-Only Gym is Ireland’s leading women-only personal training business. We have created an effective group personal training model that delivers outstanding results with thousands of different clients. No other business comes close.

We provide group personal training, nutrition guidance and a mix of both accountability and community that strives to make fitness and health a valued and enjoyable part of your life, rather than a chore.

TPC Women-Only Gym is a gym designed for women who want to work out in an environment free from egos, posers or pressure.

It’s a friendly community of like-minded people who work together, improve together and support each other. And it’s a revelation for anyone looking for a different fitness journey.

With no judgement, you can just turn up and work out. And you never have to do it on your own. Your gym crew and a dedicated team of personal trainers are always on hand to motivate you, celebrate your achievements and stop everyday training from becoming a chore.

Sticking to a new fitness regime is half the battle. If your gym is intimidating or uninspiring, you’re more likely to quit. TPC Women-Only Gym replaces competitiveness with teamwork to create a space that inspires you to go the distance.

A personal training team on a whole different level

TPC Women-Only Gym trainers are radically different from what you’ve probably been used to. We stand apart in an industry full of glorified “gym babysitters” and “rent-a-friend” trainers.

Yes, our team ticks all the usual boxes any high-end gym should – but we demand more – and we deliver results that no other fitness business can because of it.

We have created a culture of excellence

Our trainers excel when they embrace the unique system and culture we have built at TPC Women-Only Gym.

Our trainers don’t have session targets. They don’t do sales or marketing. The singular goal of our trainers is to master their craft. They are incentivised solely on the one metric that matters – delivering results and return on investment for the client.

They do this by working within an ecosystem that keeps them accountable and leaves them nowhere to hide.

Our model is often imitated, but our culture can never be replicated. It is a culture of excellence that is built on layers of accountability from the newest trainer on the team right up to the CEO. We track everything and leave nothing to chance. Every member of the team shares our vision and lives and breathes our results-driven ethos.

We are accountable to you

We hold ourselves accountable to the highest of standards, demanding excellence at every level. We move heaven and earth to ensure you get the return that your investment of time and money deserves.

Our trainers are truly world-class – only 1 in 100 applicants make the cut for a career with us.

But there is no magic to what we do. We do the basics, and we do them well. We know it is consistency, hard work and attention to detail that delivers the results we are known for.

We have built an environment that breeds success

Everything is set up for you to succeed. We have built a whole ecosystem of world-class experts, facilities, and systems that empower trainers and clients alike to excel.

Our Education Team keeps our trainers at the cutting-edge of science. Our InBody technology tracks the metrics that matter for maximum results.

All of this means you cannot fail to achieve your most ambitious goals if you are willing to commit to the process.

We surround you with the right people, place you in the hands of experienced trainers and give you all the encouragement you need to grow. Trust us, once you become part of TPC Women-Only Gym, you’ll never miss another session.

We are singularly focused on your results

We are driven by your goals at TPC Women-Only Gym, and we live and die by your results. Our ‘maximum results, minimum time’ mantra is in our DNA. With our trainers, success is incentivised and demonstrating tangible evidence of results is richly rewarded.

This tangible evidence that a client has enjoyed a significant return on their investment is the only way to progress their careers. Unlike the rest of the fitness industry, we don’t pay more pro-rata for delivering higher session totals. Instead, each and every trainer only gets promoted or paid more money by demonstrating hard evidence that we are delivering on our promises to our clients.

We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity and partnership

Our ethos is built on values of honesty and integrity. So when it comes to your health, we tell you exactly what you need to hear to get the outcomes you want, as you would expect from any professional advisor.

We care deeply about your results. We know that achieving the exceptional requires a partnership where the client and trainer are invested in the process together.

Our unique, results-driven approach means we are more than just a personal trainer. We are an expert coach, a trusted advisor and a professional partner supporting you around the clock and managing every aspect of your journey.

We never stop evolving our methods

Like you, we are on our own journey of transformation. Our culture is defined by ceaseless progression, innovation and self-improvement. Everything we do is driven towards sharpening our methodologies, improving our systems and enhancing our results for clients.

We deliver outcomes way beyond a ‘before and after’

We are known for our eye-catching physical transformations, but the majority of our clients’ health and vitality are the main motivating factors. We track every metric imaginable to show our clients tangible outcomes for their health.

Maximum results, minimum time.

What makes TPC Women-Only Gym different is that we take our clients’ results personally. We are deeply invested in our clients’ success and stop at nothing to help them achieve truly life-changing outcomes. But don’t just take our word for it, hear what some of our inspirational clients have to say about their group personal training experience themselves.

What our South Dublin clients are saying about our 28-Day Challenge (28-Day Trial) of our women-only group personal training

How do I get started?

Start your journey with us through our 28-Day Challenge, a 28-Day Trial designed specifically for our new clients. The enrollment process is quick and easy and involves three simple steps:

Step 1

Click the “Get Started” Button

Fill in your details, and a TPC Team Member will promptly get in touch with you.

Step 2

Schedule an In-Person Induction

Our dedicated TPC Team Member will arrange an induction at a time convenient to you at our Dún Laoghaire gym.

Step 3

Start Your 28-Day Challenge (28-Day Trial)

After completing your in-person induction, you can begin your group personal training sessions the next day.

28-Day Challenge
TPC Women-Only Gym

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