Semi-Private Personal Training Dublin

Change Your Body Composition With Female Accelerated Fat Loss Semi-Private Fitness Training

Semi-private personal training in Dublin is one of our specialities!Semi-private training is one of the options we offer for your fitness training plan. Accelerated Fat Loss is an introduction to strength training, metabolic conditioning, personalised nutrition, mentoring and regular body composition tests. This is our base level training at The Physique Consultants. This is a small group personal training service that allows for personalisation to nutrition and training whilst ensuring that you are getting the most out of your session. Perfect for beginners or those interested in getting started with training as we look to increase your mobility, flexibility whilst also hitting your goals.

You can schedule your semi-private fitness training for a time to suit you, either before or after regular working hours.

How Do I Join?

This is the easy part.

To become a member of our TPC Tribe means you need to go through our 28 Day Challenge.

The 28 Day Challenge is our on-boarding experience which is like no other.

When you register, the Amazing TPC Team will call you for your complete Nutrition, Health and Fitness Audit. On this phone consult, we will discuss your goals, previous training history, what has held you back from your results, your current nutrition and any injuries or movement restrictions you may have. This will give you a complete picture on what you need to do to get your results.

By doing this it allows us to make sure you get the best training program for you, set an expected timeframe to hit your goals, and go through our relevant membership packages. But it is also a chance for you to get to know us, find out what TPC is all about, put a face to the name, and realise that we are not your ordinary gym, we are much much more than that.

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