Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. We get asked a lot of great questions, and a lot of them are very similar to each other, so we decided to compile some of them that are asked most frequently into easy-to-find categories, which we hope will be of some use to you. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


How can I get there?


Are there any issues with high-protein diets?
How much protein should I consume every day?
How can you be sure that I will lose weight on your program; I have tried loads of things that haven't worked?
I don't like vegetables; will I have to eat foods that I don't like?
Is it necessary to have a protein shake after training?
Is it true that fruit makes you fat?
Should I eat before training?
What makes your nutrition program different, why are you so sure this will work for me?
What supplements should I take?
Why do I need to eat the amount of food you prescribe?
You're not going to tell me to have 'meal-replacement' shakes are you?


Are there any guarantees?
Are you really so special? What makes TPC trainers different from other trainers?
As a female will I get bulky from lifting?
Can I work with TPC online?
Do you offer corporate deals?
Do you offer private coaching?
Do you provide a health and fitness assessment?
How do you prevent injury during workouts?
How long are your personal training sessions?
How long is my membership?
How many times a week should I come in?
I have an injury, what should I do?
I have some friends who might be interested in your services, do you have a referral program?
Is lifting weights dangerous?
I'm new to training and I have never lifted weights before, will strength training be suitable for me? What should I expect?
I'm very unfit, but I would love to train with TPC - What can I do?
What are your Terms & Conditions?
What are your training options?
What do I do when I arrive for a training session?
What does periodised mean?
What does your company do best?
What type of training will I be doing at TPC?
How long until I see results and what results can I expect?
Why are you guys so amazing?
Why do I need help accomplishing my fitness goals?

Reach Us

I'm ready to start, how do I set-up appointments for my training session?
What are your hours of operation?

How Do I Join?

This is the easy part.

To become a member of our TPC Tribe means you need to go through our 28 Day Challenge.

The 28 Day Challenge is our on-boarding experience which is like no other.

When you register, the Amazing TPC Team will call you for your complete Nutrition, Health and Fitness Audit. On this phone consult, we will discuss your goals, previous training history, what has held you back from your results, your current nutrition and any injuries or movement restrictions you may have. This will give you a complete picture on what you need to do to get your results.

By doing this it allows us to make sure you get the best training program for you, set an expected timeframe to hit your goals, and go through our relevant membership packages. But it is also a chance for you to get to know us, find out what TPC is all about, put a face to the name, and realise that we are not your ordinary gym, we are much much more than that.

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