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How Do I Join?

This is the easy part.

To become a member of our TPC Tribe means you need to go through our 28 Day Challenge.

The 28 Day Challenge is our on-boarding experience which is like no other.

We’re not going to give you a towel and water bottle to get you started because we both know that’s going to end up in the back of your car gathering dust and mould.

When you register, the Amazing TPC Team will call you for your complete Nutrition, Health and Fitness Audit. On this phone consult, we will discuss your goals, previous training history, what has held you back from your results, your current nutrition and any injuries or movement restrictions you may have. This will give you a complete picture on what you need to do to get your results.

By doing this it allows us to make sure you get the best training program for you, set an expected timeframe to hit your goals, and go through our relevant membership packages. But it is also a chance for you to get to know us, find out what TPC is all about, put a face to the name, and realise that we are not your ordinary gym, we are much much more than that.

Unlike other small group training or private facilities, we don’t just throw in you in the deep end into exercising without finding out all of your current capabilities, lifestyle and habits.

Every individual is different – different bodies, different personalities and different ambitions. A cookie-cutter approach to coaching doesn’t work. At TPC, our coaching approach is as individualised and specialised as our training programs. Each client receives the reinforcement they need to grow as a client and individual. We have helped hundreds of local people and we’re committed to helping hundreds more!

One of our key principles in training is “Better Than Yesterday”, there’s no way to work towards this if we don’t know your starting point and for us to stay true to this principle we need to know you as a person, not a number.

If you’re ready to get started and want to start your transformation today fill out the form and one of the team will be in contact. Maybe you have additional questions that you’d like answered. If you have additional questions about our programs, staff or services or you’d like to learn more about our training process, please don’t hesitate to contact our us by emailing us directly at [email protected], 087 202 4089 or by filling out the online enquiry form below. Either way, we will get back to you right away.



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Maybe now is the time you reached out for some help? Get in touch today and let’s see what we can do. 


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