The Physique Consultants Company History

The Physique Consultants (TPC) was born from the vision of our Founders John and Hugh Peters who sought to develop an environment where people knew they could get results and not the useless fitness frivolity that permeates the Irish Personal Training industry.

Small group personal training continues to remain at the heart and soul of our organisation, but our aim is to use our past growth and develop upon it in an exponential manner so keep your eyes peeled on this space!

The Future For The Physique Consultants?

At TPC we believe in the kaizen principle – the Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement. We are perpetually working on fine-tuning our approaches and methodologies and changing both our opinions and practices, both in a commercial context and internally with our clients. We will continue to incorporate information from others based on their results, good judgement, authority and their backed-up science. Our aim for this growth timeline is to quickly develop in a logical, clear and controlled way. We prefer not to make public forecasts so will hold our counsel as to how and where our precise strategies and agenda lie. If you want to consider getting involved with TPC and our future, then please contact us.