Book Your Sessions

Trouble booking? Don’t worry! We’ll show you on day one.

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Scroll down this page ( to our website booking.

Downloading Our App
1. Click: App Store icon
2. Search: “The Physique Consultants”
3. Click: “Allow” TPC to send you notifications
4. Click: “Don’t have an account? Register” on the bottom-right
5. Enter: Email & Choose A Password (mixture of letters & no.)
6. Click: “Almost there”
7. Enter: First Name & Surname
8. Check: “Marketing Opt-In” box
9. Click: “One more thing”
10. Enter: Phone Number & DOB
11. Click: “Accept and register” Studio Waiver
12. Click: “Book your first class!”
13. Select a class on the “Timetable” tab

Reserve sessions up to 28 days in advance with access up to 5 bookings per week.

Commit Or Cancel
Not attending a booked session? Cancel it. As far in advance as possible.

Step 1: Click “Bookings” (center-bottom of your phone screen).
Step 2: Click “Cancel”.

Switch Sessions
You may switch sessions only if the session you’ve previously booked has not yet commenced.

Step 1: Click “Bookings” (center-bottom of your phone screen).
Step 2: Click “Cancel”.

You’ll then be able to book another session time. You’re allocated one session credit per day.

Check Bookings
Click “Bookings” (center-bottom of your phone screen).