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If you’re looking for Body Transformation Dublin specialists you’ve come to the right place. At The Physique Consultants we run our training a little differently.

It’s not just come into a class, bounce around for an hour, and then leave.

No, no. It’s much more structured than that.

However, for now, understand that these aren’t just “group personal training sessions” and you’re not just joining “a gym”.

95% of the members who are apart of our tribe train in a small group with us at TPC.

The reason for that is simple.

It’s the community that is created within the group.

For our members, it’s not uncommon for them to carpool to the gym, or go for breakfast after our TPC Saturday Sweat Session.

And, that’s why we love group training. It helps bring people together, empowers one another and lets them celebrate their wins as a collective.

We’ve created a culture of success through body transformations, on the premise of what we do. What we do is train hard, train fun and train effectively. We provide you with a non intimidating training environment that is safe and friendly but puts you in the position to make that change to your life. Our training is here to empower you to become the best version of yourself.

This is what we have built our reputation on. Effective, efficient, and fun training. The foundation of our successful training programs are based on strength work. You NEED to lift weights. At TPC we cater from that from beginner who hasn’t lifted a weight before to advanced lifters who are looking to set personal bests lifts. At TPC we train you, we teach you and we optimise your movement as technique is key to long lasting results. You have to earn the ability to lift, and from this you then earn the ability to lift heavier. We teach you this in a non intimidating environment, with world class equipment from leading manufacturers and world class body transformation coaches so you enjoy and get the most out of each and every session.

Personal Trainer Dublin The Physique Consultants Support & AccountabilityOur Body Transformation Challenge Program is an introduction in to the TPC Personal Training Dublin training methods and nutritional philosophies. It consists of movement-based personal training, a basic nutrition frame work, coaching, guidance high-tech body scans, one before and one after the challenge to guarantee 5kg fat loss.

Trying before you commit to longer term is a great way and really experience what we are about.

We will teach you correct training and lifting technique, sustainable nutritional strategies and the TPC Team will hold you accountable day in and day out. Our Body Transformation Challenge sessions are not like any ordinary group sessions from any other trainer. These sessions combine the cardio aspect of outdoor training with the strength component of a gym session.

Inside these sessions expect to be pushed to your personal best to achieve the very best of results. You will achieve increased muscle tone, decreased body fat and increased fitness levels and if that’s not good enough, we even provide you with our TPC nutrition plan filled with fat burning foods.

We even have a custom designed astro-turf area in our facility to be able to provide you with year round kick butt sessions rain, hail or shine!

Many of our current clients have been with us for years and came to us because of our results, the environment, the support as well as our reputation in the community. We have an excellent track record, but let us prove it. Come and meet us and find out what makes us unique.

How Do I Join?

This is the easy part.

To become a member of our TPC Tribe means you need to go through our 28 Day Challenge.

The 28 Day Challenge is our on-boarding experience which is like no other.

When you register, the Amazing TPC Team will call you for your complete Nutrition, Health and Fitness Audit. On this phone consult, we will discuss your goals, previous training history, what has held you back from your results, your current nutrition and any injuries or movement restrictions you may have. This will give you a complete picture on what you need to do to get your results.

By doing this it allows us to make sure you get the best training program for you, set an expected timeframe to hit your goals, and go through our relevant membership packages. But it is also a chance for you to get to know us, find out what TPC is all about, put a face to the name, and realise that we are not your ordinary gym, we are much much more than that.

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