Initial Paid 28-Day Challenge Trial Membership Period Cancellation & Postponement Terms

Hey TPCer!

All sales are final and all policies below are non-negotiable, so please don’t ask. We’ve already started to incur costs due to your reservation of a spot.

6. Refunds
6.1 TPC does not provide refunds for change of mind.

6.2 Once the participant has gone through an initial phone consultation and/or 28-day challenge induction and/or if at any time during the 28-day challenge, the participant cannot continue their participation in the 28-day challenge, the participant cancels their involvement or stops attending the 28-day challenge, TPC will not refund any of the participant’s challenge payments (past and/or scheduled/due) for the first 28 days of the program. All payments are processed as scheduled on the challenge participant’s initial phone consultation with a TPC staff member.

6.3. All challenge payments, whether processed in two separate installments of €97.00 or three separate installments (€25.00, €72.00 and €97.00) are non-refundable.

6.4 This is due to the program being a time-sensitive, high-demand program with an extremely limited number of participants and you have reserved one of the limited spots. TPC has reserved a TPC staff member’s paid time for your challenge induction and provided all the materials received (drawstring bag, Inbody scan, nutrition plan, shakers, t-shirt or tank top, water bottle, workout journal, etc.).

6.5 Any cancellation (including medical and/or extenuating circumstances) forfeits all payments (past and/or scheduled/due) for the first 28 days of the program to TPC.

6.6 There are no exceptions to our refund policy. There are no refunds or partial refunds for the inability to complete the initial paid 28-day challenge trial membership period for any reason.

If applicable, this initial paid 28-day challenge trial membership period payment (€196) can be used as membership credit when you can commence or recommence 
utilising the TPC services and facilities.

5. EFT Payment Authorisation
5.3 If any direct debit payment fails, the participant authorises TPC to either:
(a) Add the outstanding sum to the next direct debit; or
(b) Make additional direct debits to recover the outstanding amount.

5.4 In the event the participant defaults on a direct debit payment and fails to remedy the default after notification by TPC, the participant authorises TPC to notify any debt collection agency of the default.

5.5 In the event debt collection proceedings are commenced, as referred to in clause 5.4:
(a) The participant will be liable for TPC’s legal fees and related costs.

Postponement Exemptions
You may postpone your initial paid 28-day challenge trial membership period start date by submitting a membership freeze request due to:

(i) Extenuating circumstances;
(ii) Medical leave; and/or
(iii) Work or leisure travel.

No other communication (phone or verbal) is accepted.

Scheduled payment(s) dates cannot be postponed.

If you’re wanting to submit a membership freeze request, simply follow the steps below.

1. Visit:
2. Scroll down to the very bottom-left of the homepage.
3. Click ‘FREEZE MY MEMBERSHIP’. It’s the red, hyperlinked text on the bottom-left of the footer. This link will redirect you to the form.

Medical Postponement Exemption
You may postpone your initial paid 28-day challenge trial membership period if you can no longer utilise the TPC services or facilities due to:

(i) Permanent illness; and/or
(ii) Permanent physical incapacity.

You must provide a medical certificate advising the exact nature of the permanent illness or permanent physical incapacity outlining specifically how this prevents you from 
utilising the TPC services or facilities.

Work Or Leisure Travel Postponement Exemption
Work or leisure travel freezes require a travel document.